Industrial Design



I designed it at the last year of my studies and it was put on the “objet d’art” market by the “Israeli Institute of Industrial Design”. Then, I couldn’t afford to by it, later, you couldn’t find it anymore. The best material it was made of was brass. The vertical impact of the gold shining tubes of different size and high with the prolongation of the lighted candles give an impression of a rocket or firebird ready to start up.

3D David Star

A simple idea, but nobody thought of it, like nobody thought that it is possible to have the suitcase on wheels instead of drugging it… 6 stars around the 7th raise up like on hinges – the result – simple, symbolic and powerful. It can be a monument, a dome, a tent, or an “objet d’art” of so many variety of materials… So more attractive to have a 3D National Symbol than a 2D.


Young David with his hornwort

It was a block of wax and became a young adolescent, alert and ready for action.  By chance a friend had a connection to a bronze casting workshop, and here it is, the only original in the world! Maybe it cannot compete with the one of Mike Angel, but still he is David…


I always had a preference to sculpture heads and draw faces. The are the most individual features of man. Unfortunately, having a weak character, I distributed them among the models. There are only two of them on this show.

 Painting, writing and other…

The best of them – I gave them away. I never do copies. It is different with books, prose, essays, poetry; I never studied literature, philosophy, painting and sculpturing, but often I think that they are the real thing to create. The architecture, which I studied, is my by-product which I profess to make a living. Nevertheless, beside the frustrations and the little income it provides, it can be most exiting and challenging.

My House is my Castle

I believe in the impact of the physical environment on the human perception. I talk and lecture about it. But more of all I experience it on People, through my architecture and on myself through my closest environment, which is my house. I never get tires to design and redesign my environment and live in it through the rainbow of my perceptions. My house, my castle it relives me from my sorrows, it provides me inspirations, it keeps me young, strong  and delighted!