East Africa Chain of Health Centers


As mentioned in the description of the project of a similar net in the West Bank of Jordan for Palestinian population, this one was also a pioneer project, but in Africa. No wonder that after a serious study with medical, economic and anthropologic advisers, we came to a completely different solution. Here the problem was to give massive and quick treatment, especially in case of epidemics and therefore the architectonic conception had to be based on a large open space with low partitions, well lighted and aerated in order to give medical assistance to a large amount of people at one time, having restricted facilities to the medical staff disposal. Exactly like in our other projects in the developing countries, we succeeded to find the right solutions not only in planning and logistics, but also in the ideas how to understand the local peoples’ perception and adapt to it. The solution was to show your interest in the locals, to communicate with them and at last to join venture with them as much as possible.