Monument of Tolerance in Oświęcim

The Mayor of Oswiecim, the town next to the concentration camp of Aushvitz, asked me to design a monument of Tolerance, showing all visitors in the concentration camp and in the town that all people are equal and conscious of their brotherhood which requests tolerance of one man to another and of one nation to the other nation. The Mayor was collecting stones which were sent to him from all the cities in the world and he wanted to incorporate those stones within the monument as a symbol of the common will to achieve tolerance. The conception of our team was to design a tower of 13 levels, with spiral staircases coming up to the large top platform with a beacon on its middle and elevators moving up and down in its core. On the way up, attached to the central structure, were platforms with exhibitions of conflicts from all around the world, on top of the exhibitions’ platforms were situated hanging gardens and the stones exposed there in a gesture of hope for peace and brotherhood. The whole show had to be connected to a computerized light and sound performance, including the demonstration of jets of fire and of water which while meeting created clouds of steam. The monument’ performances could be seen and heard from a great distance and act on the human perception accordingly. Unfortunately, the gathering of budget for the building of the monument is very slow.