Medical Center in Warsaw

Our office was approached by a group from Poland, Israel and US, who got legal rights to a land of 70,000m2 in the central part o the city. However, they could use the land only for a public use project. The suggestion was to plan the most modern and sophisticated medical center and try to sell or rent it to a financially powerful organization, like NATO, or some big European insurance company. In the negotiations with the city it was obligatory to present not only a letter of intent, but also illustrate it by a tempting project for the local authorities. Our planning included a large choice of health medical facilities, like the most sophisticated diagnosis department, trauma treatment, pediatric high care, biogenetic and cancer research unit and other. The combination and planning of the buildings was rather schematic, because the real program will be established by the final customer, but it gave a very clear idea of the capacity of land and the options of utilizing it. Now approaches the time of starting the real planning and approvals of the project. However, all concerned, including the Mayor of Warsaw, so far are happy with the project.