El Castillo

It could be the most beautiful house in Jerusalem deserving the name of “El Castillo”, unfortunately our client died. Nobody is perfect. The building, situated on the hill facing the Old City of Jerusalem, could fit all times but especially it fitted Jerusalem. In spite of its romantic appearance, the plans were totally systematic and modular.

Desert refuge

This butterfly shaped house could connect to 3 identical volumes and create an introvert desert habitat. The large patio created in the middle serves as a climate cell , providing cool conditions in the summer and keeping the heat in the winter. The openings to the outside are minimal, protected from the sun radiation and from the desert sand storms. It is an experimental unit in the desert on the way to Jericho.

Villas of the couple

In the same village of the High Galilee and for the same family, I designed two villas, completely different, one from the other. One, quite feminine where remained the wife and the other very masculine, where moved he husband. The first encircling its interior patio, having the garden penetrating to it from above, the second standing proudly on a hill with the garden encircling the stonewalls from outside.

Houses on the cliff in the Mountains of Jerusalem

The two houses on the cliff were planned and built about 40 years ago, but the stonework which is covering them, improves with time passing by. Of course the access has a lot of stairs and since the dwellers are not made of stone, now, it was necessary to add an elevator. However, the conception instead of rendering a battle to the steep site, adapted to it. Small terraces, balconies, hanged gardens and supporting stone walls, all that gives a frank impression that the cliff and the houses stick together. 3D studies prove that the planning was serious and the houses are well oriented to the panoramic view of the mountains of Jerusalem and make part of their unique landscapes. Every moment of being inside or around the house gives a perception of being part of its environment.

Hut by the Wkra River

It is a small summer house located on a soil elevation by the river, close to Modlin North from Warsaw. The main view is to the river and forests. On the back, there is a veranda and the entrance. It is a typical wooden structure whose interior solves all the essential functions of an individual small habitat. Its uniqueness is in its self defined shape differing from most of similar standard summer houses.

Villa in the Jerusalem Forest

House surrounded with pine forest. The idea was to create a wide opening to the nature in the living room area in order to integrate the interior with trees and greenery outside. The building is covered with Jerusalem’s stone. The rooms are organized in a way which enables all of them a view to the forest. The whole building, except its main entrance is turning its back to the rest of. It was built on 1985.

Summer house in Cesarea

It is a summer vacation house, close to the sea beach of the antique city of Cesarea. It is designed in a typical Mediterranean spirit;  White walls with round corners, free volumes, steps to the roof, wide openings towards sea view on the West and narrow openings to the East. It was built in the early 1970, when people were not acquainted with such architecture, so the neighbors went to court claiming that the building is a public disturbance. The judge invited an expertise of famous experts who declared that this building is the only one which is incorporating with the local environment. We won. Later many similar houses and even its copies were built all around the country.

Acco Serai

It is a good example of a Mediterranean house in Saint Jean d’Acre, close to the sea beach. It was designed for an Arab customer and reflected its oriental, light spirit by its white, round in the corners walls and its colorful openings.