Gym in Mghrar

The gym of the secondary school in Mghrar, (the North Galilee) was planned by our office accordingly to the largest prototype of such function in the list of the Ministry of Education (36/29). Such a large interior space represents a physical environment which can stimulate in various ways the human perception of those who use it. Therefore we had chosen a spatial 3D roof, which, if its structure is planned in a cleverly, must not be much more expensive to build. On the other hand it creates a special feeling to those who enter the gym. The many infrastructures that play an important role in the functioning of such project can be implanted and integrated better than in a flat roof. Our main problem in this project was the lack of will of many to whom it concerns, to have a full and keen involvement in the planning and building process. That fact handicapped the project, but soon the building will be completed.