Palestinian Housing in North Jerusalem:

Among the many projects that our office planned in the minorities’ sector in the country and in Jerusalem, most of them were in the Beit Hanina neighborhood in the North of Jerusalem. Our team planned there the Master Planning and the most detailed reparcelation planning as well. There are public buildings, Housing complexes and private villas. Here, as an example we show 3 projects, of the same Palestinian customer. They are high raising buildings of housing, commerce and underground parking, all combined accordingly to the policy of planning of the Municipality of Jerusalem and of the District Committee of the Ministry of Interior. On top of the modern design and building technologies, the planning conception has a flavor of oriental spirit. The access to the buildings and especially the organization and design of the interior, reflects the traditional way of life in the Orient in general and in the Palestinian sector in Jerusalem in particular. The quality of architecture is more and more respected and even admired in the Arab community and therefore the well planned and designed buildings and apartments, sell better which is by itself a very strong argument.