Science for Peace Center

The project was promoted by many partners who joined to cooperate in it in the attempt to achieve peace in the region, and develop it by fighting the desert by adapting the plant’s’ DNA to grow in extreme hot and dry conditions. It was situated on the river, in the Jordan Valley, about 10 kilometers, North from the Dead Sea. The partners in the cooperation were Palestinian, Israeli, Jordanians and the European Community. The estimated budget was of one billion dollars. The conception of the project was a circle whose radius was 1,000 meters, its center was exactly on the Jordan River, which is the border between The Kingdom of Jordan and the State of Israel. The river diverted to pass through a circular canal to an artificial lake with a dam, and then, continue its flow towards the Dead See. In the center of the circle, was conceived a pyramid of 150meter high with transparent glass convector components, inside the pyramid was a huge experimental botanic garden. Around the pyramid’s structure were the genetic labs dealing with the research of the desert botanic DNA. Around the labs was housing for the scientists and the staff as well as for their families. Then, around the circular canal were situated the experimental fields and greenhouses for the plants which were subject of the genetic research. There was also a heliport and several public structures for the use of the center. Our office, with a participation of a multinational team, prepared a conceptual project illustrated by renderings and animation, whose use was rather rare in those years of 1990. We took part in the presentation of the project in the “Palais de Congrais” in Paris where all parties were represented on the highest level. On that evening, over 5 million dollars were collected to start the project. This magnificent project was blocked by political disputes.  Nevertheless, its spirit is still alive.