David’s Victory Monument

Memorial of David’s Victory over Goliath, will be built in the Eylah Valley next to the Kibbutz Netiv Halamedhei South-West from Jerusalem. Accordingly to the Bible, that is the exact location where took place this historical battle with the Philistines. It is considered as a great victory of the spirit over the power. This victory is to be commemorated by a three dimensional Star of David reaching 12 meter high. It is composed from six other stars around the seventh star over which the 6 stars are raising and creating a simple powerful and symbolic environmental sculpture.  The star’s structure is from stainless steel and it is covered with bright corian panels. The space outside the monument is designed as modular piazza with terraces around. It will to host youth and army celebrations and visited as an historical monument. The construction of the monument is supposed to start on 2017.