Medical Centers in the West Bank of Jordan

The project of health centers network in the Palestinian territories of the West Bank was promoted by the Israeli Civil Administration on 1971. The prototype of a large regional Health center was built in the town of Salfit. It was an experimental project, because never before such accommodations didn’t exist in the West Bank. The idea was to create an open and articulated architecture which will allow any changes and adaptations in the future. The conception involved differentiation of specific departments but giving them also an option of integration, when they were in need of general services, equipment and maintenance.  About 40 centers and rural clinics were built throughout the 1971-1987 years. The systematic modular combination didn’t show outside. On the contrary, the combination of the built components gave an oriental architectonic perception so familiar to the region. Our office specialized in planning health facility buildings, like the hospital in Tul Karem, clinics for Bedouins, health centers in East Africa, health facilities in Poland, Malta, Egypt, Greece and many other in Israel, however the West Bank’s Health Centers were the most exciting project we had taken care of and it was a lighthouse for our future planning career.