Schools in Mghrar

The description is of several complexes of the schools in Mghrar. Mghrar, a city in the Galilee is inhabited by Muslims, Christians, Beduins and Druzes. Planning and building of the projects in Mghrar lasted for about 40 years thanks to budgets from the Ministry of Education and the connection with the Local Council of the village. The planning and building included about a dozen educational buildings, two gyms, kindergarten, nursery and club for seniors. There were also the municipality building, mall, center for Tolerance and motel, which were not built. The planning was based on the principle of integration and differentiation of functions. A joyful and friendly environmental atmosphere was reached by using colorful ceramic components on the elevations and inside of the buildings. The location of the buildings on the schools’ sites was articulated and in this way enabled the clear orientation, open view and recreation areas.