Domix Habitat

Domix is the name of an experimental habitat. The purpose of the project was to create a dwelling complex, which not only will be less expensive to build, but also create a friendly and positive spirit. The population which was supposed to live in this habitat was of young people and those whose means to buy an apartment are limited. The planning conception was a modular systematic complex of four floors with an option for elevators in the future, having four apartments around the staircase. The apartments were compact in their size was from five to two rooms. All of the apartments had a terrace which could be converted into an extra room. The total amount of the apartments was 224, which created an ideal urban component with an attractive morphology. The parking was incorporated within the compound and the interior open space enabled a recreational area, and eventually some small public services like a kindergarten, nursery, library or club. The Ministry of Housing checked the project and found it’s building costs reduced by 20-30% , thanks to it simplicity and modularity.