Armenian Condominium and Commercial in North Jerusalem

Private 8 floors high residential building with commercial spaces located in the Arab neighborhood of  Beit Hanina. The main view from the apartments is towards the south-west where exists the best orientation to the city. It is even more underlined by the gradual terraces of the living rooms. The design of the complex had to adapt to the rigid instructions of the Master Planning of the area and at the same time to solve most efficiently the functional requests of the program and compose the built masses in the most balanced and attractive way with its environment. The interior patio surrounded by the building integrate with the public garden on its backyard, where alongside are some shops. On that side is also the access to a 4 level underground parking areas. On the front elevation if a clearly underlined two level commercial part with a covered passage alongside to the sidewalk and a technical floor on top of it, separating the commercial and the housing areas.