Since the office was founded in 1970, a team of five to seven architects of multi-national and multi-ethnic origin cooperated in its operations. Our planning and design are assisted by the most advanced computerized architectural programs, 3D models, renderings and animations. We select our engineering consultants among the best in the country.

The office is mainly dealing with selective and experimental planning of various domains in Israel and abroad. We give professional services to the private sector, to the government and to many public institutions and organizations. Many of our projects had been in the developing countries. A lot of young architects from all over the world had visited and trained in our office. Most of them became ambassadors of good will and still keep a friendly connection with us.

Our specialization is working with the minorities in Israel and with the developing nations. Among our projects are nets of health medical centers, habilitation institutions for the handicapped children, geriatric centers, vocational schools, experimental housing and infrastructures for periods of crisis and emergency conditions, as well as many others. The spirit of our professional ideology is the impact of the physical environment on the human perception. In our studies we give priority to create a friendly and positive architectonic and urban environment. The presentation of our professional record on this internet page, speaks for itself.

We have no doubt that our team has the experience and the ability to take upon itself to cope with any challenging project in cooperation with our clients.