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Our office is dealing with architectural and town planning, since 1970. We had chosen to work on experimental and exclusive projects. Among other, we had projects in France, Mexico, Kenya, Poland, Egypt, Jordan, West Bank and a lot of cooperation on various professional subjects with international bodies and institutions.

Our specialization is working with Israeli minorities (Arabs, Druses and Bedouins) and with the Palestinian population in the West Bank and Jerusalem. Among our projects are nets of health centers in East Africa and in the West Bank, City of Science for Peace (genetic plants research to fight the desert), a Cooperation among Jordanians, Israeli and Palestinians, with European finance and participation, hospitals, school, academic, religious and cultural accommodations, new towns, neighborhoods, housing and commercial and industrial complexes.

Since the planning market is rather limited in Israel, in order to be efficient and to survive crisis periods, our office is rather compact and flexible.

Our team of about 7 members is able to face any professional challenge, using the most sophisticated equipment and programming for designing modern architecture. The cosmopolitan spirit of the office enables us to reach customers in all around the world and be of use in the realization of the globalization projects.

During the last years our office was busy with church projects (Babtist, Anglican, Austrian, German) and with the communities of Drouze, Armenian and Hittiti.

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